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Interested in having a local company sell your tickets? You came to the right place!

What we offer:

-A personalized page on our website for each event. The page can include a custom poster and/or picture and your event description

-A personalized link with your event name ex 

-Easily link the event to your Facebook account for increased ticket sales

-Fast and secure checkout system that accepts all major credit cards, Visa debit, and Paypal

-Daily updates on ticket sales

-Electronic tickets sent to all ticket purchasers immediately upon transaction approval

-A full list of attendees with names for check-in purposes for you

-Our designers will work with you and create an event/ticket sales page for free

How much does it cost?

-We only charge on tickets sold. We charge $1.50 surcharge per ticket sold at checkout. Additionally a 2.50% on each ticket, along with a 1.50% credit card processing fee. For example if your ticket is $10.00 we add $1.50 at checkout. Additionally we take 2.50% + 1.50% = $0.04 FEE. Your income from your $10.00 ticket will be $9.96.

-Our fees are significantly less than our competitors. 

-We charge your customers a 12% tax which is collected and reported by us. It is your responsibility to report your income.

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